Names of your toes

 Some of you may not know the proper names of your toes. I am here today to enlighten you.
Please see the illustration, below, that I just prepared for you:tombom.jpg


  1. Jan · December 7, 2006

    I didn’t learn it that way…..icky pea, penny roo, rooy whistle, mary hussle and ol’ tom bumble.

  2. Christopher · December 7, 2006

    Mine are called
    “went to market”
    “stayed home”
    “had roast beef”
    “my vegan cousin”
    and “yeowchdamn” (that’s the one I always stub)

  3. olivia whitcomb · December 7, 2006

    I learned them icky pea, penny roo, roy whistle, billy also and big tom bumbo.

  4. Bryanne · December 7, 2006

    i learned it from my mom. but it at least started with my great grand father as achey pea, penny roo, rooey whistle, mary ossle, and old tom bumble

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